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Biological natural gas has been developing for more than ten years in China, but why has it always been so popular? What problems still exist in the development of biogas desulfurization? In fact, it has nothing to do with a series of links, such as raw material supply, technical equipment, operation and management.
The first difficulty is the difficulty of material storage and transportation. Biological natural gas (BNG) raw materials are dispersed, and its storage and transportation are facing great challenges. To achieve scale efficiency, we must rely on large farms and professional teams.
In addition, the supporting facilities of bio-natural gas include the storage and transportation of raw materials, pretreatment, fermentation and transformation, purification and purification, gas and fertilizer transportation, and the related domestic and imported supporting equipment are relatively complete, but there are still matching problems.
In the initial stage of construction, the operation effect is better. With the extension of the operation time, some projects will have problems such as lower or even stagnant operation efficiency, corrosion of facilities and equipment, blockage of pipelines, more silt in tanks, and difficult treatment of scum.
Due to the high cost of biogas conversion, the poor operating conditions of equipment and the lack of guarantees for daily operation and maintenance management expenses, the whole industry is once again in a dilemma because of the failure of biogas conversion, which results in the failure of normal maintenance in time. "Biogas's three-part construction and seven-part management" needs to be strengthened after the completion of the project operation and management. At the same time, in the initial stage of project planning, we should consider both construction investment and operation and management costs.
At present, China's bio-natural gas industry is still in its early stage of development. More efforts should be made to improve the scale and efficiency of the project, realize high-value and efficient comprehensive utilization of gas, liquid and solid products, and improve the environmental protection, ecological, economic and social benefits of the project. The problems affecting the commercial operation of the project, such as difficult collection of raw materials, high cost of raw materials, low price of products and inadequate support policies, should be solved.
Moreover, there are no special standards and technical specifications for the upstream raw material supply and downstream products of the biogas industry, and only a few existing standards and specifications for the gas industry can be used. For this reason, Malonglong suggested that the standard system of bio-natural gas should be accelerated to enter the fields of vehicle gas, industrial gas, urban gas pipeline network, contract energy management and other clean gas utilization. Standards should be formulated from the aspects of production and purification, storage, transmission and distribution, application, and a general and special standard should be established to coordinate with the existing standard system of long-distance pipeline natural gas and urban gas.
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